Broad Spectrum & Full Spectrum

These soft gels offer the plant-rich, undetectable THC hemp extract you love in a familiar and easy delivery form. Soft gels are one of the best ways to guarantee an accurate and consistent serving size each and every time. And these capsules contain the same high-quality hemp extract you’ll find in our other quality products.

Broad Spectrum CBN

A minor cannabinoid with major potential, CBN brings a new depth to this broad spectrum tincture. Very low THC levels in this blend may synergize this interaction for a unique entourage effect. Our nighttime formula also features a botanical blend of valerian root and lavender essential oils with linalool at the center of its terpene profile. Found in a variety of plants and spices, linalool is a key element of lavender’s relaxing effects. Let this gentle tincture be your guide as you drift off to a fulfilling night’s sleep.
*This product is not intended to cure or treat insomnia

Broad Spectrum CBG

Our daytime tincture pairs our plant-rich hemp extract with CBG, an important hemp-derived minor phytocannabinoid. The exciting formula features a 60% to 15% CBG/hemp ratio and leverages CBG’s own unique, invigorating properties to support you in a purposeful day. Plus, a curated blend of lime and orange essential oils add an extra citrus burst. Add this tincture to your morning routine for a fresh and natural way to start your day.

Full Spectrum
Whole Plant

We took our proprietary extraction process one step further with our new USDA Certified Organic Whole Plant Tincture. This rich tincture features even more whole-plant ingredients than our original variety, including increased flavonoids, more bountiful terpenes, and the chlorophyl that delivers its deep color. This might just be the “earthiest” hemp tincture on the market. Experience organic, whole-plant hemp extract today.

The phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) hemp has a high level of CBD, as well as an abundance of other beneficial cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, CBC), flavonoids, terpenes and essential amino acids. While most CBD oil companies extract CBD making a pure-CBD tincture, SunMed offers a high-CBD, broad spectrum hemp oil, without the THC. By extracting the THC, patients can gain the benefits of other cannabinoids and terpenes that are lost in pure-CBD oil products available from other brands.

Please consult your physician or other health professional before you quit taking any medications with intentions of replacing them with the natural and holistic option of CBD. These products have not been reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are not approved treatments for any medical conditions.

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